Paying green is the future

Imagine a world in which everyone has the chance to pay greener because every purchase donates automatically. Planting trees and corals, building wells, protecting animals - the SANUSLIFE marketplace makes all of this possible.

With every purchase, a donation is automatically made to the SANUSPLANET Foundation. This money is donated 100% to non-profit organizations that act for human and animal rights or for the protection of the ocean and nature.

As soon as the new payment system SANUSPAY is integrated, even your worldwide payments for products and services offline will make an automatic donation. 

Get the app on your smartphone!

The SANUSAPP gives you many great opportunities to protect this world. There you'll also find all of the companies that sell their products on the SANUSLIFE marketplace and who will accept SANUSPAY in the future. These companies automatically donate to the SANUSPLANET Foundation for every purchase.  



Simply donate to the SANUSPLANET Foundation in just a few steps or support your favourite non profit organization directly via the SANUSAPP.


Once a month, cast your vote for the non-profit organization of your choice. The organization with the most votes will receive the majority of the donations in that month.

Reduce plastic

Use the map with over 210,000 marked fountains around the world to avoid plastic bottles.

Be visible

Gain visibility and reach the entire community with your efforts. Find new members and supporters for your organization.

My Water Bottle

If you have a reusable water bottle, use it and fill it up at the refill stations shown on the SANUSAPP. If you are still in need for a water bottle, take a look at our beautiful MY WATER BOTTLE. SANUSPLANET would like to set an example with you by donating 15% for every sold MY WATER BOTTLE to the SANUSPLANET Foundation, supporting sustainable projects.

Whether with your own bottle or with our MY WATER BOTTLE, it's up to you to reduce plastic!

Be part of it!